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2024-2025 School Year Offerings

Both of our classes are multiage classrooms with children ages 3-5 learning together. Each class will have approximately 14 children with the exception of our Friday class which will be approximately 16 children.


Monday/Wednesday Class: 9:00am - Noon

Tuesday/Thursday Class: 9:00am-Noon

Friday add-on for either class Section: 9:00am-Noon 

*Our Friday class will be filled on a first come first serve basis. 


What is a multi-age classroom?

In a multiage classroom children ages three to five years old are learning, growing and exploring together. Much like siblings in the same family span multiple ages and play and grow together, our school nurtures an environment where older children have the opportunity to take on the role of leader and role model while younger children look to their older peers for motivation and encouragement.


Children grow and develop at all different rates. It is often easy to compare two children of the same age and pick out the “deficits” based on how other children are performing. As parents and educators, we know that growth and development is not on a neat linear scale. While you might have a child that has excellent coordination and motor skills for their age, that same child might still be working on their social emotional development. In a multiage classroom, children are not labeled according to their ability, they are looked at as individuals who have unique strengths and unique growth opportunities. When education is child focused, the teacher is able to tailor instruction based on the child’s unique abilities. In this type of developmentally appropriate environment children see themselves as progressive, successful learners.


For these reasons, we at SCOOP believe that teaching to each individual is the most child centric environment that we can provide. 

We recognize that children are unique and just because they are of like age does not mean they have the same strengths and needs.  We choose to provide an environment where we can foster leadership skills, compassion, empathy and a love of learning across all age ranges.  


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