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What's a Co-op?


Saline Cooperative Preschool is a parent-run cooperative. Of the many things that make us unique, none is more important than the deep involvement of parents in our cooperative model. Our school could not function without every family performing responsibilities. In the classroom, we welcome family members to share holiday and birthday celebrations with the group. Events and field trips are planned to incorporate family involvement. The cooperative model permeates all facets of life at Saline Co-op, underlining our aim to create a nurturing first school experience for children that fosters a lifelong love of learning and a deep respect for diversity, community, and justice.


Current families serve on the board and make all major decisions for the school during monthly board meetings. Families have one vote each, and are actively encouraged to attend meetings and participate. Attendance at monthly board meetings and participation in the operations and decision making process create a supportive and rewarding network for parents.


Families are involved in almost every aspect of the school, including finance, fundraising, publicity and membership. Every family performs one job. Although the jobs are relatively uniform in terms of the amount of work, they vary widely in how that work is distributed: some require hours during the workday and others don’t; some have marked busy/slow periods and others are consistent; and so on. Most jobs can be done by anyone.

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