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 Saline Cooperative Preschool 2023-2024 Job Descriptions

Families are involved in almost every aspect of the school, including finance, fundraising, publicity and membership. Every family performs one job. Although the jobs are relatively uniform in terms of the amount of work, they vary widely in how that work is distributed: some require hours during the workday and others don’t; some have marked busy/slow periods and others are consistent. Most jobs can be done by anyone.

The President is responsible for initiating problem solving, administering the rules, regulations, policies and procedures of Saline Cooperative Preschool in order to maintain the smooth operation. This is done in accordance with the By-laws and Handbook information. Other responsibilities include: presiding over all meetings, being an official representative of the school, keeping records of binding documents, co-signing checks, overseeing teacher and site contracts, creating the school calendar in coordination with the vice president and teacher, and carrying on the progress of preschool. The president has the discretion to close the preschool for an emergency and appoint committee chairpersons. They also oversee the smooth functioning of the standing committees and handle issues that may arise. 

Vice President
The vice president assists the President in a variety of capacities and acts as the liaison between the preschool and the Venture In Faith organization (VIF). The VP is also responsible for the maintenance of all grounds including the playground, parking lot, and the classroom. The VP assists with Open Houses, community service projects, and other events as needed.

The secretary keeps the minutes of all membership and executive board meetings, including distributing meeting minutes to general membership within one week of meeting (This can be done via email). takes care of all correspondence, and keeps all miscellaneous records. This person keeps record of parent attendance at meetings, cleanings, and school support hours. 

Session Chair (one per class session)

Be liaison between the class session and the Board. Must attend all Board meetings and report pertinent discussions and decisions back to the Session via email or other preferred communication.​​​​​​​​ Under advisement of the teacher, help plan and organize (including creating sign-ups for supplies and volunteers) classroom parties and special days such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukkah, Donuts with Grown-Ups, Valentine's Day, Special Person's Day etc. Encourage members to call you if there are problems, questions or concerns.  Direct them to the appropriate person when necessary.  Ensure confidentiality where possible, and act tactfully to offset complaints, confrontations and problems.  Report any serious problems to the Board.

Membership Coordinator
The membership coordinator is responsible for enrolling students, updating and providing applications, communicating with prospective members, distributing and processing enrollment paperwork, updating immunization information, keeping class lists and parent contact information, receiving phone calls from interested parents, and helping organize the Open Houses including recruiting volunteers from membership to be at Open Houses.

Maintain all financial records for the Saline Cooperative Preschool, prepare the annual budget, distribute funds, and work with the accountant to file federal, state and local taxes. Tracks and deposits all incoming money for the preschool, including tuition payments, fundraising money, registration fees, etc. Prepare monthly financial statements comparing actual to budget and present to the board at the monthly board meetings. Work with the school accountant to pay all taxes, both quarterly and annually. Pay all bills and payroll, securing two signatures (President or Vice-President and Treasurer) on all checks over $150 or reimbursements to the treasurer excluding rent and payroll. File State of Michigan sales tax return annually and inform members of the budget allowed for their jobs. 

Assistant Treasurer 
Responsible for collecting recording and depositing all money collected for tuition and fundraising.  Recording done via online QuickBooks.​

Fundraising Coordinator
The fundraising coordinator raises additional funds for the school’s operating budget and facilitates all fundraisers and makes sure that each family meets the fundraising requirement. Sets annual fundraising goal and presents goal at the General Membership Meeting in September. Specific duties include: Determine the number and type of events needed to meet the budget; Schedule events, locations, times, dates, refreshments, etc.; Divide work responsibilities equally among Preschool membership to ensure participation in at least one aspect of each event (selling tickets, setup, cleanup, selling refreshments).; Print and distribute tickets, collect money, and keep records of funds and outstanding tickets. Record funds that were placed in the fundraising box in the preschool.

Publicity Coordinator The publicity coordinator's job is to creatively keep the preschool in the public eye for the purpose of recruiting new members. The publicity coordinator is responsible for maintaining and updating SCOOP's online presence through a variety of social media platforms including: Facebook, Instagram other social media or online communities where SCOOP is represented. In addition to ensuring SCOOP’s profile information is accurate on these sites, they are also responsible for posting social and fundraising events online, through social media outlets. Other responsibilities include working the spring and fall open house in conjunction with the membership coordinator and setting up advertising tables at expo’s and other preschool themed events.​

Environmental Chair
The environmental chair is to make sure the classroom and its equipment are clean and in good working condition. Duties include organizing the monthly cleanings, monitoring the cleaning supplies and adding to "Classroom Needs" list if necessary. Report building problems to VP (roof, toilets, etc), attend board meetings, lead cleanings and instruct parents on cleaning jobs. On a weekly basis, do a quick check of the classroom to notice if there are any supplies needed (napkins, paper towel, toilet paper, cleaning supplies). Purchase items needed and submit receipt and reimbursement form to treasurer for reimbursement. This person also takes the preschool’s soiled items (towels, paint smocks, wash clothes, etc) home, washes them, folds them, returns them, and puts them away. 


Is responsible for maintaining and updating the school’s website ( Updates will include school calendar, photos, announcements, events including open house dates etc.

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