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Our Philosophy & Curriculum


Saline Cooperative Preschool provides a unique opportunity for child, teacher and parent to work in partnership to create a positive early school experience.  Under the direction of a trained and objective teacher, children learn and make meaning of the world around them through play. It is a place in which families feel safe, heard, and important as well as where children's needs and feelings are of primary importance.  In addition, the partnership between parent and teacher takes into consideration the importance of sharing the responsibility of the growth and development of each child.



In the first year of preschool, children learn to do many things which aid them in their social/emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Each day they are learning school readiness skills such as sharing, turn taking, group awareness, and empathy.  There are several opportunities to practice motor coordination through running, jumping, and climbing as well as, cutting, gluing, beading and coloring.  Through developmentally appropriate activities children are exposed to basic colors, shapes, letters and numbers as well as music, arts, and dramatic play activities which develop their creativity and help to foster independence.


As the children progress into the second year, the solid foundation that was laid from the previous year allows them the opportunity to find deeper understanding in concepts and skills through an enriched curriculum.  They are given the opportunity to learn to recognize their name in print, identify and learn to use numbers in various tasks such as counting and measuring, and begin to recognize letters.  As children’s interests and preferences develop we are able to adapt the curriculum to make concepts meaningful to each child.    


With the teacher as a role model, as well as the relationships built between fellow parents and caregivers, members gain more effective parenting skills.  The Co-op is also an important forum for learning about child development and related parenting issues.


Our goal and mission is to create a safe and nurturing environment in which we help to develop a child’s individuality, self-awareness, and awareness of others. Respect, empathy, and sense of accomplishment are key factors.

At Saline Cooperative Preschool, we recognize and welcome families of all configurations. We will not discriminate based on race, color, handicap, national or ethnic origin, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.

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