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Sibling Nursery

Parent Run

Under the guidance of the "Sibling Nursery Coordinator", families wishing to participate in the sibling nursery will all work together to ensure the sibling nursery is running smoothly.  

Requirements and Fees

Participating families take turns assisting in the parent-run sibling nursery in addition to their normal classroom assist days. The Sibling Nursery Coordinator will work with the Assist Scheduler to coordinate so that families using the nursery have child care available on their assist days. For the 2023-2024 school year, the sibling nursery cost is $25 a semester.


Duties in the sibling nursery include but are not limited to:


*Arriving promptly at 8:30am in order to be ready for assist children at 8:45am.

*Setting up the nursery and ensuring age appropriate toys  and activities are available (toys and activities will be stored on-site).

*Cleaning up the nursery including sanitizing toys, wiping down surfaces, vacuuming and storing toys away.

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